Monday, September 29, 2008


Deputy McLovin experienced Halloween a little early this year when he was dispatched to a woman's house one recent morning. Here's about how he tells it.

I got called out to this lady's house because she had a feral cat in her yard.
She showed me the cat and then started moving toward the cat saying, "I'll help you get it." The cat stood up on its hind legs and started hissing at her. I thought, "Oh, no! Lady, what are you doing?!#@" I jumped between her and the cat as the cat sprang forward. It latched onto my finger and wouldn't let go. After a struggle, I finally choked it out with my other hand and it released my finger.
The lady said, "Are you okay?"
I answered (with clenched teeth), "No. I'm not okay."
The lady, "Can I help you? I'm so sorry!"
"I'll take care of it." (Translation: Just leave me alone, lady!)
I took the cat to my truck, leaving a blood trail on the ground behind me, and put it in a cage. I wanted to take it out to the desert right then and show it how I felt about it, but I took it in. We cut off its head and sent it to the lab to check if it had rabies.

Don't miss this video. Just push the play button.

Friday, September 26, 2008

She's MY girl!!!

Julian is the adventurous partner I've been looking for for years!!! This was our second time on the Twightlight Zone Tower of Terror, a free-fall type ride where your rear end is either off your seat completely or threatening to bond with it forever. There we are in the back on the left.Maybe she's a little too brave for me. I was so scare the first time on the Orange Stinger that I couldn't open my eyes or let go long enough to snap a picture. The second time I pretended to be Julian and was fine.
Julian also loved Space Mountain, one of my childhood favorites. Now, though, it's SO much better. The technological effects are incredible! If you can't tell, we're in the front. :-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It took a lot of effort, but...

It took a lot of effort, but I finally took some pictures! When Jarid and I came back after having some fun......we had to chase down the kids and put them back in their place!

Logan's first roller coaster ride was the Go-Go-Gadget Go-Coaster! He loved it so much we rode it twice. Well, not me. I forgot to take dramamine, so once was enough.In our kitchenette, Logan practices his map skills with a cheeto in his mouth. He loves the Disneyland map!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pictures? Are You Kidding Me?

WHO THINKS ABOUT TAKING PICTURES WHEN YOU'RE ON THE FUNNEST RIDES EVER??? Well...I guess I thought about it a few times, but it's hard to capture the experience with a fish-eye's view photo. At the end of this week, I'll make sure I get the kids on or in front of their favs, but for now...

As we went over the 5-story waterfall on Splash Mountain, a camera takes a picture you can view on a screen when you get off the ride. I stole that one. Julian and I are in the back, so we didn't get too wet and, boy, we were glad!
Pictures are really hard to get on the 'dark rides' because if you use a flash it's just not the same. Maybe Tammy's fancy camera could do it, but the best I could do was a slow shot to let the light in, so you can tell it's not a 'still' shot. We rode this BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ride twice before the Parade last night. It's a virtual video game. You have a joystick to turn and spin your car and a laser gun to score points against Zurg.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Where we slept last night!

This place is FANTASTIC!!! (Thanks Shiralea!) It's been re-modeled over the last 3 months. Down comforters, beautiful cabinetry, granite counter tops, two large flatscreen TVs, and they had a room available with 2 queens, so no sleeping on a sofa!!! (although I had been looking forward to Jarid and I having one night of privacy...heehee.)
Julian woke up sick yesterday, but was a real trooper on the road trip. I hope she's well enough to have fun today! Logan is bursting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


One of my favorite pictures! I'm standing under some branches of a deciduous tree in the Redwood forests of Fenton, CA. We walked the trails this summer and saw some 'amazing large' and 'amazingly old' trees!
The center of this one burned out decades ago, but it's still alive and growing!YIKES!!!

For Becca!

Remember this picture I took of the sunset at your house this summer? I had so much fun visiting you! You live in a beautiful place that is even more gorgeous because you are there.

Here's the picture, Mom!

Would you agree that tying to chase this little bee at Grandma's house was like trying to pin a cloud to the ground? Out of all those pictures here are my top three picks. Let me know if you find out what kind it is.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My 2008 Shoes on My 2008 Carpet!

This summer we moved all our furniture around our house trying to clear out rooms to have them re-carpeted. (Thanks, Mom, for all your help.) The carpet in the front room is FABULOUS. You've never stepped on anything so padded and plush! Your toes are practically buried. People have commented about it even with their shoes ON!!! (Who cares if we break a sweat trying to push the vacuum over it?)

And...da-da-da-daaaaaa! My brand spankin' new Converse shoes! These are the lastest and greatest craze. Ever seen anything like them? Oh. Wait a minute. In the late 80's, my sister and I had a pair of turquoise and a pair of pink converse high-tops we shared. And...come to think of mom said my dad had a pair while she was dating him in the early 70's. alive! Didn't kids wear them in the 50's in that movie Grease? What the heck is going on here??? They aren't even that comfortable. . . unless you're gellin'. . . which I am, of course.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thought I was gone forever???

Summer couldn't have been more splendid!!! We did everything possible from actually leaving the state for a vacation to riding the rollercoasters at Lagoon. Weekly, we helped with yardwork at the Farmhouse and swam at the pool. And, of course, we wish it didn't have to end. Man, I love spending time with my kids!!

Now we are into a great school routine. The kids are happy with their teachers. I'm doing some new things at work that are exciting. So even though we are busier than ever, we are happy doing it all!

In eleven days we head to Disneyland for a family celebration of Logan's progress. We've waited a long time! The best thing is that my friend, Shiralea, has volunteered to be our "park planner." By using her extensive knowlegde of Disneyland, CA Adventure and the program RideMax, she is scheduling our attractions to minimize waiting in lines and to maximize the fun!!! Thanks SO much, Shiralea!