Monday, December 31, 2007


I'm ringing in the New Year early tonight with a fizzy glass of Pink Grapefruit Airborne! Best flavor there is, I'm told, so this morning I purchased 4 packages.

My little family celebrated the Christmas season fully for the first time in 4 years, though it was not without cost. In the last 5 days, Logan has been to the ER twice with fever, plus nausea, cough and cold symtoms and ear infections. We found out today that Jarid probably has a bleeding ulcer. Ouch! We hope to have it cauterized by the end of the month. Julian has a severe cold and cough, high fever and nausea tonight.

So far I remain untouched. I probably owe it to the pack of Airborne I almost finished over the weekend and a HUGE blessing from above. I'm holding down the fort like every good wife and mother does whether they are well or ill.

This season has been full of fun, family and friends for all four of us! It was more than a choice experience to share it all with Logan! Thank you for all your love and support. We have the best friends and family in the 'verse!

Special note: Some have asked how to post a comment and I LOVE hearing from you. Just click on the post comment link at the end of the entry. I've made it so that anyone who can view this blog can also post comments.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! It's going to be a GREAT one!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Recently, the pastime that lifts me most on a down day is noticing the beauty of God's creations. Fortunately, and not by accident, I've had my camera with me on these occasions. What a high it is to digitally capture the majesty of the sky!

On my way home from work one day, I needed to relax a bit, so I took a "long-cut" home. I was on my way to a road I'd imagined would be great for pictures. The snow-trimmed trees that had been frozen in place for a few days were sure to melt soon, so I jumped at the opportunity. (Thanks, Mom, for watching my kids an extra 20 minutes or so that day! You are a great blessing to me. I love you very much.)

As I wound around the icy roads to my destination, I was compelled to stop several times because the clouds in the sky became facsinating.


At the top of the hill, I stopped at the temple. It struck me that the grounds appeared pure and white.
Dressed in White

Across the road, the valley of frosted housetops appealed to me, but the westward view toward the lake was stunning.

Ripples from the West

To the east the vast and majestic mountain-valley view caught my eye.


A few days later, as the kids and I left the orthodontist's office, color in the sky attracted me. We walked behind the building to witness a breath-taking sunset. The longer we stood in the chill of winter, the warmer and brighter the sky became.

Glowing Sunset

I did finally reach my planned destination after school that day, but it wasn't near what I'd thought it might be. I guess sometimes it's the journey, what we see along the way, that brings us the most happiness.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa is Alive and Well!

Guess what we got in the mail yesterday? The kids were SUPER excited. Can you see the Postmark?Inside was this note...And this gift card!

From: Jarid, Cecilia, Julian and Logan

P.S. The kids are wondering if you are still going to bring them presents on Christmas eve. :-)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our Neigborhood Today

I absolutely love the first day after a snowstorm! The air is crisp and clear. A blanket of freshly fallen snow veils the shriveled grass and dirty streets. Even the scraggly, bare-branched trees are made over into beautifully sculpted stanchions to display the bright, crystalized vapor. The world seems clean again.

Today was a day like that, except it kept lightly snowing all day, so the sky wasn't blue yet. While I scooped and tamed the powder on the sidewalks and driveway, the kids re-discovered the childhood joy of snow. Tomorrow the sky will be bright blue and the snow will melt off the trees as sparkling droplets of ice cold water.