Saturday, March 21, 2009

You can't TELL me he's not the cutest puppy EVER!!!


Rascal on one of the very rare occasions he's allowed into the living room.
(So you can see his ever growing fluffy bigness.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How much is that Rooster in the window?

Last week the kids and I went to D.I. to find a costume for Julian. Of course, we found what we needed.

At that point I was ready to leave, but, against my instincts, I let the kids peruse the toy isle all the while knowing I'd say no to anything they may want. (My kids could double the content of that toy isle if they'd clean out their rooms!)

I kept to that self-made promise...with one exception.

Behind the toy isle there are shelves of plush toys. Julian found a cute, little rooster she thought Rascal would love.

Well, I thought, as long as it's not in our house. And who could go wrong spending two bits on a doggie toy?

So, we brought the toy home and Rascal was as pleased as could be that we'd brought a toy for him.

As soon as our big (and I do mean BIG- he's doubled his size in 2 months!) sweet puppy bit into that rooster, we were all startled by a loud "Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!"

With trepidation Rascal jumped back while we caught our breath and laughed a good, long laugh.

Even now, a week later, we'll look outside to see him bravely pouncing on that 50 cent treasure, then jumping back as it calls out a warning cry. Once he barked for 5 minutes while it sat a few yards away on the grass in the shade of our plum tree and relentlessly teased him.

Now, where else but D. I. can you buy such entertainment for only 50 cents?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Excerpt from Logan's Prayer

...And I quote,

"Bless mommy not to get hitted by dodgeballs. Bless daddy not to get shooted by bullets or beated up."

Listening to my kids pray is a daily gift.


Killing Me Softly

What is it? It's FOOD! That's right. Right now I hate it. Really hate it! I wish I never had to eat another bite again.

I've been up in the night for almost 3 hours now thinking about it. The discomfort in my stomach is dominating my body. And, ohhhhhh, the queeziness! Aghhhhh!

What's worse is that I can't even blame it on being sick. I think I just ate too much. Which isn't really all that much, considering what I used to eat.

AND, it was 8 whole hours ago!!! What is going on???

Even now, as I resolve not to eat even a morsel of food tomorrow, I know deep inside I won't do it. It's torture, this love-hate relationship I have with food!

Gripe, gripe, gripe...I know.