Sunday, April 20, 2008

No word in our language can describe it.

Have you ever known or seen something that causes such an intense pain in your chest over your heart that you start to have difficulty breathing?

I've been following Robin's story for about 6 months now. She is from California. She was diagnosed with luekemia (AML) two and a half years ago. Her sister quit her job to help her. Robin had 2 bone marrow transplants. At the end she participated in experimental studies at a hopital in Texas. She has an abiding faith in Jesus Christ and a strong, positive spirit. She was an inspiration to many people.

When I read the latest news on her website a week ago Friday, I sat in wonder, though not entirely surprised. I clicked on the link:
NEW Professional Photos Slideshow (new 2007-03-26) and stoically watched the beautiful images of this amazing woman (you can see her steroid cheeks even though she was very thin) and the family she loved so deeply that she clung to life to spend just one more month, one more week, one more day with them.

After the slideshow I broke down and sobbed great, heaving sobs for the people she left behind, including me. Today I tried to watch it again, but couldn't for the weighty pain and catching breath. After reading her obituary, I was comforted by the first line. "On April 11 our remarkable little Robin closed her big blue eyes to this world and flew home into the open arms of her Heavenly Father." What a beautiful image! Robin is someone I hope to meet. For now I'll be happy that she's free from pain and suffering and I'll hope the time will pass quickly until she meets her family and friends again!

Main Page with a letter from Robin, well worth reading.
Also, take a look and my 2 favorite posts in Robin's website guestbook.
Date Posted: 4/12/2008 Name: Tianne
Date Posted: 4/20/2008 Name: Heidi Bardsley
You can read Robin's recent updates and comments by clicking on

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Came With the Wind...And It Wasn't Pretty.

The wind was blowing. It was blowing hard. I'd disposed of the garbage that had collected along the front fence. The fence that stops all garbage in it's tracks. I even found a mint condition Macey's paper grocery bag!
I didn't save it.

Then, my mom and I worked our tails off mowing, trimming, weeding...
My mom wields a mean weed-wacker!

As the wind blew stiffer we celebrated with confetti!
Thanks, to whomever thoughtfuly tied up their paper shreds loosely.

Later in the day, I ventured outside to admire our work and there it was...
the most unique item ever to have blown into our yard.
Until now,
it's been fast-food paper products, pop cans and bottles, newspapers, school papers and flyers.
We've discovered plastic of all sorts like go-gurt and candy wrappers, and bulk toilet tissue wrappers.

But until last night, I'd never seen anything like this!

Can you see what it is? GROSS!!!

After I use a stick to clean up that little gift,

my yard will look PRISTINE!!

What's the weirdest thing you've found in your yard?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Didn't Jarid Bury Them at the Bottom of the Pile???

Rating: PG (for Suggestive Body Language)

Two days ago, Jarid took some whites out of the dryer, piled them into a basket and put the basket in our family room downstairs where we typically fold laundry. (He is SO good about keeping up on laundry that I have to work hard to get a load done before he does.) He's great! But this time I guess he didn't notice what was on top of the pile.

The next morning the kids were eating breakfast and suddenly they turned toward me full of giggles.

Julian: "We found something in the laundry and we don't know what it is."

Logan, still giggling, "Yeah, mom, what is it?"

My mind started racing as I thought of what they might have found. Then I remembered a recent evening with Jarid and asked, "Was it white with little red hearts?"

More giggling. The giggling was constant really.

"YES!" they chimed.

"Well, why were you digging in the laundry?"

"We weren't. They were on the top."

What in the world? On the top?

Logan was standing now and giggling so hard he was doubled over. He straightened a bit, made a triangle with his fingers and dropped them below his waist. Gasping to catch his breath he blurted, "Does it go here?!"

Oh my gosh! I thought. Quickly I offered, "I'll think about how to explain it while I take a shower. " I rushed downstairs and, like lightening, hid the stringy item in question.

Thankfully, they haven't brought it up again! But it's only been two days...!!!

Acknowledgements: Kellie

Monday, April 07, 2008

Odor Eaters Work!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Awkward Moments

An email I got this week brought these memories back...

When I was 4 or fiveI was on a road trip with my PuertoRican Grandma. I have a very clear image in my mind of her taking me into a gas station restroom for a potty break. It was there she taught me to line the potty with toilet paper before I sat on it. I remember being confused and asking her why I had to do that. Maybe that is when I started being paranoid about germs. To this day, don't laugh, I still line the seat if I'm anywhere but home or the Farmhouse pretty much, but especially public restrooms.

Once, when Jarid and I were first married and I didn't know his family very well, I was visiting his home and I lined his parent's toilet with paper. Then, I FORGOT TO BRUSH IT INTO THE POT AND FLUSH IT!!! What was I thinking?? His mom went in next and came out asking who would do that! All eyes fell on me.

Not long after that, I was at their house again and saw matches floating in the toilet water. Thinking they were open about these things, because of the prior questioning, I came out, chuckled, and asked who was "blue-darting" in the bathroom? I didn't know people used the smoky smell to rescue future users from the odor! Aghhhh! I wonder if they remember that?