Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good times!

A few minutes ago I was teasing Julian and telling her she couldn't take out the cute braid I did in her hair. She protested, but finally gave up in a huff. I went to say goodnight to Logan and came back to find her lying diagonally, face down on her bed. She was shaking and I thought I heard sobs. I said, not quite disbelievingly, "Are you seriously crying?" She laughed and answered in a triumphant voice, "Drama (club) is totally worth it!"
What's more, I assured her it was okay with me if she removed the braid and offered to take it out myself, only to be stopped abruptly. Julian 'hmmed' a bit, then admitted that while I wanted her to keep it in, she didn't want it, but when I wanted to take it out, she had a strong desire to keep it in. She even giggled while she unabashedly stated that she has roller coaster emotions. Very astute, don't you think? I love having an almost teenager to have fun with!

In contrast, on Sunday, I was bemoaning my high forehead and remembering a few years back when a co-worker caught sight of me in a store while I crouched to look at something on the bottom shelf of an isle. Said she, "I'd recognize that forehead anywhere!" Nice.
A couple of hours after that unwelcome memory emerged, I returned home and knocked on my own front door. I expected to be let in by my kids, but no one answered after several knocks and rings. Finally, I saw the blinds part and the door was opened by Logan who said with a big smile on his face, "I'd recognize those eyes anywhere." Well, I happen to like my eyes. I'd rather have them noticed than my forehead any day. I love having a sweet little boy to compliment me.