Sunday, September 30, 2007

First Frost 2007

The kids and I were excited this morning to find a
beautiful frost covering everything in sight.
Among the most interesting were these
patterns of frost crystals.
Can you guess the surface on which they formed? :-)

Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is the honey that bees make.

These are the combs that hold
the honey that bees make.

This is the hot-knife that removes the caps
from the combs that hold
the honey that bees make.

This is Ben who chews on the wax(YUM!)
that is cut from the combs
that hold the honey that bees make.

This is the barrel that spins the combs
to release the honey that bees make.

These are the kids who turn the handle
on the barrel that spins
to release the honey that bees make.

This is the bucket that catches the honey
from the barrel that spins
to release the honey that bees make.

This is the story of how the Carter's made Honey with Uncle Ben at the Farmhouse. :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well...I've been sort of a blog-slacker lately, but I have NOT been a mom-slacker, wife-slacker or PE teacher-slacker. Life is hard work, you know! So, instead of cleaning the bathrooms, I'll take a break in blog world for a little while. :-)

A couple of Saturday's ago, I went to the Utah County Firearms range with my mom. This was a follow-up to a class that we'd taken the previous Thursday. It was for women only and it was called "Guns and Roses." During the class we were shown how to load and unload 3 hours worth of different types of guns. Now, you may not think this would be a very exciting class, but really...what would you do if you lived in Spanish Fark and your kid came home with a shotgun he found in the neighbor's barn. Man alive! You'd need to do something about it! So now I can, even though I don't expect it to happen in the civilized city of PG. Hahahahaha!

So, back to Saturday. We went up to the range near Thistle to practice loading shotguns. We also practiced unloading them mainly in the direction of bright orange clay pigeons which were launched into the air. Now, if this is something you've never done before, you are REALLY missing out!! With my adrenaline pumping and a sincere desire to be the best shooter in the group, I picked up that shotgun and I WAS WOMAN!!! I hit 4 out of the first 5 pigeons! Was it beginner's luck? IT WAS NOT!!! By the end of the morning both mom and I were inducted into the Five for Fivers group of elite women who could shoot a perfect five in a row. Pretty nifty, eh? We were even given roses and a clay pigeon memoir. :-) That's me in the first picture and mom in the second.

So, if you don't know The Firearms Safety Rules or the difference between a clip and a magazine or that there are pump-action shotguns, break-actions shotguns, can't remember the other-action kind of shotgun, double barrelled and single-barrelled shotguns, as well as muzzle-loaders, hunting rifles, target rifles, sniper rifles, single-action and double-action revolvers, semi-automatics, etc. then maybe you should sign up for a class like this!

Plus, the scenery up there is fabulous this time of year!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Long-Awaited First!!

After being isolated for the most part from the rest of society for nearly 4 years, our little Logan made his debut into the 'real world.' Because of his chemotherapy treatments for leukemia, Logan has never been in a organized environment with so many other children, yet he was excited to see what this "school" thing was all about. He'd heard many stories, of course, from his sister Julian and he'd seen countless episodes of children's shows depicting the experience.

That first morning he did not appear to be nervous in the least and didn't even mention his prior concern about bullies. With big sister Julian and Grandma Patty by his side he crossed the street and entered into new territory. It was sure to be an adventure!

Logan's blood counts have been high enough for him to attend for the past 7 school days. Even though he is likely to miss some days of Kindergarten when the chemotherapy is doing it's hardest work, we hope those days will be few.

Grandma Patty has been attending school with Logan to help the teacher(who is fabulous) get used to all of his 504 Accomodations and to be a support to Logan. She is now known as the Kindergarten Grandma(a.k.a. KG) and is an invaluable help to the teacher not only with Logan, but with the other children as well.

Some have commented that I have an angel for a mother. Nothing could be more true! It's only because of her that I finally feel like I have my feet on solid ground. What a blessing she is!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This past weekend we had the rare opportunity to make an impromptu trip up to Jarid's parents' cabin...just the four of us. The last time we went up was last fall. (You may remember out Christmas card picture.) We had a great time relaxing, reading, playing, riding and having fun together!

Here is a picture of the view from the main deck of the cabin and one of the same view through binoculars. Fun, huh? It would be easier if my camera had cool lenses, but I love my camera just the same!

Here is a picture taken of the interior of the cabin from the main deck. Isn't it great? Julian is standing in front of the bear Grandpa Carter shot many years ago. That was before he started shooting only pictures. :-)

Here's Logan looking large and in charge on the side deck. This is where chipmunks are frequently seen scampering through the decorative rocks in from of the front steps.

The first day the kids went on a 4-wheeler ride with Jarid. They are always up for a ride! They like him to do tricks at a little clearing where the dirt trails are like a rollar-coaster ride.

I barely caught the sunset after watching a silly movie with Jarid.

Before bed we roasted marshmallows in a cool portable fireplace on the main deck. I made sure I had all the ingredients for s'mores. I think I'm the only one who really liked them, though.
On the second day I took the kids on an adventurous 4-wheeler ride to "The Lookout." Check out the serene view! You can see miles and miles of untouched wilderness up here.

Jarid and I would really like to make a trip up here on our own soon, but I also think it would be great fun to host a Girl's Get-Away! Let me know if you are interested. It's an hour from my house, plus another 20 minutes up the mountain. Now, doesn't that sound like fun??

Monday, September 03, 2007

Algorithm March! with Ninjas!

Don't You Wish You Had My Job??

As part of the dance curriculum, (I call it "Rythmn and Movement" in class. Haha!) I taught the steps to this Japanese March, from a Japanese children's show, to my 3rd-6th graders last Friday. Next Friday we'll put it together and see what happens. Fun, huh? It's cool to see how all the steps fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
All the kids were on board with it too...even the boys who acted like they didn't want to do it were secretly enjoying it. :-) I'm sure it's cuz I told them how popular it's becoming. That what great teachers do, right?! Besides, they get to play Ultimate Frisbee Tues-Fri.