Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To sleep or not to sleep...?

Sleep and sleep related subjects are all that seem to inspire me lately. Do you love sleeping in a cozy bed as much as I do? It's the perfect way to escape the daily grind. Night, day or even morning. If I didn't have to get up in the morning, I wouldn't. Not until my back started to hurt from lying down too long. Yes, that has happened more than I'd like to admit.

While working on yet another poetic expression of sleep last night, a pang of sympathy struck me and I thought of how often sleep eludes my husband, Jarid. This short poem was written for him.

For Jarid
(from his wife, Cecilia)

Where can one find sweet peace
When one can't fall asleep?
When e'en without a peep
Consciousness will not retreat?

How disconsolate the one
Who lies awake alone
At night when sleeps the sun
With thoughts that won't be done!

Oh please, my mind entreats,
Please let him fall asleep!
For with each pulsing beat
His heart craves desired sleep.

I understand that many people have a love/hate relationship with sleep or some other relationship that I can't fathom. How do you feel about it???


tammy said...

Hmm.....sleep (or lack of it,) is the thing that affects me most. I do find it strange, though, that the more I fight not getting sleep, the more it hurts not to get
enough. If I just accept that I'm going to be deprived, the easier it is to deal. Long term lack really stinks though. Shortens your life I'm sure.

Piglet de' Erin said...

I love to sleep...but I don't think as much as I used to. When Mark and I were first married I loved to sleep in on Saturdays and have nothing to do. Then when we had george I resented him for ruining that for me because I loved it so much. I think I've finally...8 years later...gotten to a point where I don't miss it so much.

Peggy said...

I love to be well rested. Really. I love to be able to wake up without my alarm. I love to not get tired in the afternoon. I love curling up in my nice warm, soft bed each night.

It just takes so dang much time! My body needs 8 1/2 hours a sleep a day. Doesn't that seem excessive? I always feel like I can cut corners there, and get another hour or hour and a half in my day. It's probably counter productive, though, since I'd likely get more done in the day if I had more sleep. That kind of logic rarely wins out at 10 pm, though. If it did, I'd be sleeping right now. :)

Peggy said...

Oh, and freaking amazing poem, by the way! You really are quite good at that.

JoMamma said...

Very nice poem. I love sleep, however I am not napping when the rest of my family is because I won't be able to sleep tonight if I sleep now.

becca said...

I love sleeping as well. Naps are my favorite though. My family has a tradition of napping. Even though our youngest is now 5, she and I still take naps after school while the older two read or play quietly in their rooms. We all LOVE rest time!

Ceci, what a poet you are! I have never really enjoyed poetry but I sure like yours and that one was GOOD!