Friday, October 16, 2009

Thrillionaires this weekend!!!

Come celebrate Halloween season with The Thrillionaires. Here's what's coming up:

October 17
Style: 1. Twilight Zone 2. Alien Invasion Musical
***I'm totally going to this one and taking my kids, too. My sister Melissa will be performing. Only $5 with the discount. Anyone want to go with us???
(I'll have to be late for Girls' Night)

October 24
Style: Teen/Modern Vampires

October 31 - Halloween
Style: 1. 80s B-movie Horror 2. Slasher Movie Musical

If you order tickets online at and use the promo code "ghost" you will get in for 1/2 price ($5)!


burkitos said...

Well, I'd come but the bus ride would take too long! Ü

Kimmie said...

I told you my cuz is Lisa Clark? She is one of the Thrillionairs... maybe I should go tomorrow night as well :) Thanks for the heads up!